Friday, September 24, 2010


Yes, this picture was taken by me or Seth!!! Seth had a business trip in Hawaii a couple of weeks ago and I, Rachel got to go with him!!! It was beautiful!!! This picture of the sunset was taken on our first night in Hawaii...just going for a stroll!! :)

The next four pictures are pictures I took while I was standing in the ocean, of what I was looking at.

This last one is of our hotel: (the one in the center of the picture! :))
The evening view from the balcony of our hotel room:

Before church I went out and relaxed on the balcony for a little while:
The view from our balcony during the day:
On our way to the temple grounds, we stopped by on the side of the road to look at this:

On the temple grounds!! So pretty!!

This is a real flower! I picked this flower up off the ground. It smelled good!!
Seth took this picture of this flower on the temple grounds!
Seth and I visited Pearl Harbor. It was a neat place to visit!! Very touching!!! It reminded me of the saying, "Land of the free, BECAUSE of the brave!"

Anchor of the USS Arizona

On our way to or from the USS Arizona Memorial:
Touching! This wall is touching and the Memorial flowers in front that you can see half of has a ribbon on it that says, "You are not forgotten."

On our way back to the hotel, I was talking to Lexi and she said to take pictures. Seth pulled out the camera as he was driving and took this!! So this picture is for Lexi! :)
Our last night, a stroll to the beach to watch the sunset!

I had an awesome time!!! Thanks Seth for letting me go!! I will be happy to go on more business trips to Hawaii with you!! :) :)


Hills said...

Those are sooo fun to look at! I am so glad you got to go on a vacation to Hawaii! Love the pictures! You look adorable with the flower in your hair! And yes Brooke does make that flower look even more beautiful! The temple grounds are gorgeous! I wish I could go there! Someday!

Hills said...

The picture where you are coming to or from the USS Arizona Memorial and you have a pink shirt on... how did you do your hair? It looks so cute! Some awesome pics of you all!

Justin and Kristin said...

Wow! I didn't know u got to do that! How fun! Love the the little flower in B's hair!
Thanks for sharing all the pic.s!

Lyner said...

So beautiful! That is great you got to go! Love the sunset pictures and all the flowers :). You are beautiful, Seth is one lucky fellow! I hope you get to go again!

The Empey Fam! said...

YAY! Now i dibs the kids next time you go!!! GOT IT? GOT IT!! haha Those pics are B-E-A-UTIFUL! I love the pics of you in your cute dress adn your hair looks all fun!! Brooke and that flower is adorable!!! JEALOUS!

Adam and Rachel Family said...

What fun! Looks like you had a lot of fun. Baby Brooke is so beautiful...just like her mama. Let's get together again sometime soon.

Rob and Christina Watson said...